What the heck is Mindful Eating? What do you do when dieting stops working?

More about this in a bit… More familiar terms are “dieting” and “weight loss“.

Many people think they can lose weight by going on a diet, taking diet pills/laxatives, going to a weight loss center, over exercising, under eating or any number of unhealthy ways.

It is true, you CAN lose weight doing this; however, once off “the diet” what happens? The weight comes back… Why? Because the old overeating habits were never addressed. Too many people are treating the symptoms but not the cause for being overweight.

Commercial dieting for 10, 20, 30+ years and STILL trying to lose the same weight? Why? Because these treatments do not cure the original reason why we overeat in the first place! It does not look at the relationship we have with food. It does not look at the thoughts, feelings and behaviors we have around food.

There has to be a better and healthier way for long term weight loss! Being a nurse, I knew there was a way and set my heart and mind to figuring out WHY I kept overeating. Why do most Asians and French people seem to stay slim and slender while others keep yo-yo dieting? I wanted to end my struggle with constantly gaining and losing, gaining and losing. All those dress sizes, all those hours spent exercising and restricting food only to regain the weight later.

What’s the key? Intuitive or Mindful Eating!

The Mindful Eating approach is different from “dieting” and is a long-term solution to eating issues rather than a quick, temporary fix. The additive effect of several small mindful eating strategies and fitness steps in the right direction leads to sensible eating behavior which ultimately leads to reaching a healthy weight for the long term (L Bacon, S Stern, M Van Loan & N Keim, June 2005, vol 105, iss 6, J of the American Dietetic Assoc)***!

Mindful Eating (ME) continues to work for me. I’ve reached a healthy weight and am so passionate about ME that with my nursing background (14+ yrs) I trained to become a certified health coach, Intrinsic Coach®, certified Intuitive Eating Pro® Counselor, weight management facilitator, and mindfulness trainer/consultant.  Now, I serve others and help them learn how to eat mindfully and how to mindfully manage stress. I find that most people already know WHAT to eat and what “healthy” food is. Most people already have a lot of nutritional knowledge.

On the other hand, I help people understand WHEN and HOW to eat the foods they love without guilt or deprivation; and WHERE to invest their precious time and energy once they’re no longer consumed with dieting.

My mission is to help you unlock your inner wisdom by providing tools, strategies, and guidance that increase your consciousness (AKA mindfulness) around your relationship to food and to yourself; thus, showing you how to STOP self-sabotaging eating habits in order to regain a healthier and more peaceful relationship with food, mind and body.

Practicing mindful eating can help you figure out self-sabotaging overeating habits and release them. Practicing mindfulness can enhance overall well-being and the enjoyment you have with food without feeling deprived or guilty. Contact us to see how you can start practicing mindful eating today!


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Go to “Research Articles” to read evidence-based abstracts proving:

  1. “dieting” does not work
  2. positive results of Intuitive Eating and Mindful Eating principles for binge eating disorders, and other related studies.


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