Mindful Eating & Freedom from Dieting Forever Workshops

***This page describes the Mindful Eating programs available. To see the schedule of mindful eating and living workshops click here (or select “Schedule” subheading under Events Tab on toolbar above).***

Comprehensive Mindful Eating Hong Kong workshops and private sessions covers an in-depth look into why, when, where, how, how much we eat and where we focus our physical, emotional and spiritual energies. Each week we go over in detail mindful eating strategies and goal setting.

As a registered participant you will:

  • learn life-changing strategies to help stop yo-yo dieting and be in charge of eating habits!
  • gain the skills and tools needed to let go of your “diet thinking” or “diet mentality” in a compassionate environment free of judgment, rules, restriction or guilt.
  • get back into touch with your body, thoughts and feelings. This awareness and sensitivity can change the rest of your life.
  • learn to operate out of curiosity rather than judgment. Self-criticism can be deadly and infectious.
  • explore your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, actions around eating.
  • participate in several eye-opening activities.
  • journal feelings about food eaten.
  • brainstorm action plans and goals for each class.
  • meet other people and share stories (unless opting for private sessions) and experiences (you are NOT alone!). Group sharing and support is highly motivational.

· Julie will guide you through weekly interactive classes with key topics like how to know the difference between real hunger and head hunger (false hunger), strategies for getting more pleasure from less food – and SO MUCH MORE.


***NEW***12 months Complimentary Group Teleseminar Support for Existing Clients***

A wonderful new addition to services provided for our existing clients is an additional 12 month group teleseminar support structure. After group or private coaching is complete, clients have an opportunity to receive 12 additional months of mindful eating support.

Calls are complimentary (for clients who attended group or private sessions) once a month and RSVP is recommended. Calls will NOT be recorded and privacy of participants will be supported and enforced.

After 12 months, existing clients can continue monthly call support for a very reasonable price of $100 HKD per call or choose the more sensible option of annual membership fee ($1,000 HKD per year).

Non and new clients may attend monthly group calls for a fee- $200HKD per call.



Please inquire about coupons, special discounts and registration fees.

For a schedule of all group calls and workshops please click here or find “Schedule” sub-category under “Events” tab.



Mindless Eating

Introductory Mindful Eating Workshops are also available.

These sessions are approximately 30 min and are an introduction to Mindful Eating principles at a very reasonable cost.

What you will learn:

  • What mindful eating is
  • How to start practicing mindful eating immediately
  • How to be in tune with hunger and fullness cues
  • Physical, Environmental and Emotional triggers for overeating

Most importantly, we will practice how to eat mindfully on a piece of chocolate (provided in class)! If you are allergic to chocolate or prefer another item please bring it to class.

***Attending an introductory seminar is not a prerequisite for attending other workshops. However, if you prefer to learn more about mindful eating before committing other workshops then feel free to attend!***

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