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2012 Mindful Living Events

How to Stop Self-Sabotage Through Mindful Eating!

For next workshop dates email info@mindfuleatingHK.com.














Are you sick of overeating? Struggling with mindless eating, stress eating, and/or eating when bored?

Benefits for participants include
* Learn why you overeat and HOW to eat more mindfully

* Learn how to your beliefs about deprivation, guilt, shame, self worth affects eating behaviors and how to change it

* Learn more about personal self-sabotaging overeating triggers

* Learn how to regain a healthier and more peaceful relationship to food, mind and body and break free from the struggle with food

* Experience what mindful eating is like

Date and Times: Weekend Workshop plus two weekly Skype follow up sessions and 12 monthly support group sessions (for next workshop dates email info@mindfuleatingHK.com)
Location: HK

Interactive small group sizes. Limited class size allows for Personal Coaching within the group.


Workshop materials included. Meals not included.
Registration: info@mindfuleatingHK.com; 9610-8530



12 months Complimentary Group Teleseminar Support for Existing Clients

A wonderful and exclusive new addition to services provided for our existing clients is an additional 12 month group teleseminar support structure. After group or private coaching is complete, clients have an opportunity to receive 12 additional months of mindful eating support. Calls are complimentary (for clients who attended group or private sessions) once a month and RSVP is recommended. Calls will NOT be recorded and privacy of participants will be supported and enforced.

After 12 months, existing clients can continue monthly call support for $100 per call or choose annual membership fee ($1,000 HKD per year).

**For members only**

Monthly Mindful Eating Support Calls Dates & Times (subject to change):

Please email info@mindfuleatingHK.com for more info on dates and times.


***To download Skype for free go here.**


Consciously Creating a Healthier Body Mindful Eating Workshop

Register now! Next 8 week workshop in 2012! See you then!

See below for detailed dates and times.
Where: TBD email info@mindfuleatingHK.com
What if I can’t make it one week?: You can listen in on teleseminar recordings. How great is that?

***10% off to the first 5 people who pre-register. Sign up today!  BOOKINGS ARE ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL AS SPACE IS LIMITED***

Dates and Times (email info@mindfuleatingHK.com for more info)
Week 1:   (meet in person for baseline weigh in & measurement)
Week 2: Mon (Skype)
Week 3: Mon (Skype)
Week 4: Mon (Skype)
Week 5: Mon (Skype)
Week 6: Mon (meet in person for Mindful Eating experience)
Week 7: Mon (Skype)
Week 8: Mon (meet in person for weigh in & measurement)

Weeks 1, 6 and 8 we meet in person.
Weeks 2,3,4,5,& 7 via teleseminar (from the comfort of your own home/office).

Interactive small group sizes. Limited class size allows for Personal Coaching within the group.

Cost: $4,000HKD with an additional 10% off ($400HKD less)  to the first five people who pre-register.

Register now before the workshops begin and be the first four to get 10% discount: info@mindfuleatingHK.com. Bring a friend and share this life-changing journey together!

Looking forward to seeing you.

***Private health coaching sessions also available on other health related topics besides weight management issues (e.g. binge eating, eating disorders, etc.).***

To register for an Intro and/or 8 week workshop please email:  info@mindfuleatingHK.com.


Next Introductory Mindful Eating Seminars

Costs vary depending on venue and/or which organization is hosting event. Please inquire. Thank you for understanding.

When: Wednesday,   11 July 2012
Time: 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Where: Helena May Blue Room, 35 Garden Road, Central, HK
Fee: Complimentary sponsored by YWCA and Crown Relocations

RSVP: info@mindfuleatingHK.com


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