Julie Chiu wrote about 7 Ways You Can Eat More Mindfully in Anima Magazine, May/June 2012.  To read full electronic version click here.



March 2011 Asana International Yoga Journal cover

Julie Chiu wrote about her journey from recovering cardio-exercise addict to mindful pose practitioner in Asana International Yoga Journal, March 2012, My Yoga Journey. To read full electronic version click here.

It’s wonderful to see an article on Mindful Eating in the New York Times (7 Feb 2012). Jeff Gordinier did a nice job interviewing mindful eating experts like Jan Chozen Bays and Lilian Cheung, and mindless eating expert Brian Wansink. Jeff also did a good job of explaining mindful eating in an easy to understand way.

According to Jeff, mindful eating is “about experiencing food more intensely, especially the pleasure of it”.

For more information about the NYTs article and a link to the article itself go to blog post.


Food on the Brain

December 2011


Julie Chiu was interviewed on Mindful Eating by Sally Robinson in the Cathay Pacific Discovery Inflight Magazine, December 2011, Food on the Brain. To read full electronic version click here.


Autumn 2011 Global Health & Travel cover

Julie Chiu was interviewed on Mindful Eating  in the Global Health & Travel Magazine, Autumn 2011, Mind What You Eat. To read full electronic version click here.




October 2011





Mindful Living Network and Mindful Eating Lifestyles Ltd. contributed to the Gafencu Men October 2011 Fortytude health article. To read the full electronic version click here.



2 Key Tips on How to Eat Mindfully During and After Pregnancy

During and after pregnancy your hormone levels are completely different compared to what you’re normally used to. How to deal with cravings? How to deal with endless eating? The constant wish to graze all day? Here are two simple and easy mindful eating strategies:

First and most importantly, whenever you have an urge to eat something ask yourself, “Am I REALLY hungry?” Is my stomach telling me I’m hungry or is it my head telling me I’m hungry?” Head hunger is ‘false hunger’ and not true stomach hunger. If it takes you a couple of seconds to answer the question or you’re still not sure of the answer then you’re probably ‘head hungry’ and not ‘stomach hungry’. When you’re ‘stomach hungry’ there is no doubt… You will know!

Yes, it is true that in your second and third trimesters an additional 300 calories are needed for the growing baby (if you’re under or overweight refer to your physician because the needs will be different). That’s an additional 1-2 snacks a day! Not another serving of dinner, not another whole meal. How many times do you catch yourself eating “for the baby” and it really being more than you and the baby needs? Examples of an extra 300 calories are:

For full article click here…



June 2011


Mindful Living Network & Mindful Eating Lifestyles Ltd. was invited to UBS’s Annual Health & Wellness seminar to introduce employees on the concepts of Mindful Stress Reduction and Mindful Eating.


After presenting a teleseminar on evidence-based health coaching to Asia Pacific Alliance Coach (APAC) members earlier this year (January 2011) the opportunity came up to write an article about the similarities of health coaching to other types of coaching. Also discussed are the differences between health coaching and health teaching.


Click here to read full article Jun 2011 APAC newsletter (go to page 4 & 5)




15 May 2011

Mindful Eating Lifestyles Ltd. gave a presentation on Mindful Eating at the grand opening of Om Yoga & Wellness Studio

Julie’s presentation topic:

How to Consciously Create a Healthier Body through Mindful Eating

Learning Objectives:
  • Why diets don’t work for you and most other people
  • How to practice mindful eating

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