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Target Heart Rate Zone (find the optimal zone to lose fat and burn most calories!)

Click here to access link to calculate your Target Heart Rate Zone. It is easiest if you have a heart rate monitor (I recommend “Polar” brand for easiest to use at fair prices).

However, if you don’t have a heart rate monitor stop exercising and put two fingers on either side of your neck (under ear lobe). Feel for the pulse and count for 15 seconds and times that number by 4. That is your heart rate per minute.


CDC’s Five Minutes or Less for Health

Learn how to stay safe and healthy in five minutes or less! This is updated with a new five-minute tip each week.

Every Day Health

Diabetes Risk Test

Twenty-five percent of Americans with diabetes don’t know they have the disease. Find out your risk for type 2 diabetes and whether you should follow up with a doctor to take steps to protect your health.
Know Your Score :

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