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I did an 8 week programme with Julie on mindful eating. I found the methods very powerful. They don’t lead to instant weight loss, but they do lead to a much healthier relationship with food – which allows longer term weight loss. I have lost weight before through various diets and while they were effective, it didn’t take long for me to put the weight back on. I think of mindful eating as a longer term process which is not a diet, but will last a lifetime. From when I started to now (almost 4 months ago) I have lost about 10 pounds without really noticing. Julie is an intuitive and effective coach and very supportive. She helps you see things in different ways which can change patterns. Most of all she is extremely kind and caring. I highly recommend her programmes, even to people who are “thin” but are obsessed about food and their weight. ”

– JM, Director, Sept 2011

“Julie coached me for a period of one year. During this time she helped me to understand my thinking and what I could do about it. I got much more than that out the sessions. After being coached by Julie, I now have a clear view as to what I need to do and now have a ‘toolbox’ of many strategies that I use every day to manage my thinking. I would recommend Julie to anyone looking to get into the right mindset and understand more about why they think the way to they do.”

-SB, Director, July 2011

“To the point and common sense approach.” – HP, Laughter Yoga Instructor, May 2011

“Comprehensive & informative.” – TP, Yoga Teacher, May 2011

“Enjoyed using balloon as [visual] stomach to draw our attention. Very informative.” JH, May 2011

“Enjoyed the tips about smelling foood and tasting it on tongue.” – JH, Teacher, May 2011

“I travel a lot and always gain weight on my trips, thanks to Julie’s Mindful Eating coaching, I lost 2.6 lbs on my last trip, first time I ever lost weight on a trip! Thank you so much Julie for your wonderful help. -RL, May 2011, Senior Lecturer

“Thought provoking and challenges pre-conceptions”. I enjoyed the “participation and group share” aspect. – ER, November 2010, Trainer

“Julie’s friendly, encouraging approach offers support and a new perspective to relating with food. Ultimately, it’s actually about the relationship with ourselves and Julie’s gentle guidance illuminates the path along the way. Julie is energetic, positive and her forgiving attitude is refreshing.” – LW, October 2010, 30’s, Marketing & Entrepreneur

“Upbeat presentation, very informative, interesting and inspiring.” – NW, October 2010, Housewife

Very good presentation. What I liked best was “the health coach [Julie]. The fact that she actually lived what she is teaching make it believable.” – FK, October 2010, female, Swiss Consulate

Excellent presentation. What I liked best was that it was “simple, easy to follow, no rules, and increased awareness.” -AT, October 2010, female, Health & Wellness practitioner and teacher.

“Great presentation. Presenter is very appropriate with the presentation… Thumbs up.” – EC, June 2010

“Sounds like a good idea to be able to eat what one wants.” -JC, June 2010

“Simple, insightful, nice flow. Something different to weight maintenance. Thumbs up.” – BCT, June 2010

“It was helpful to learn about another way of thinking about food. Julie is a very personable presenter and got her message across very well.” – Anonymous, June 2010 (thank you! to whoever wrote this and didn’t write her name down)

“I thought it was a useful workshop- eat when you are hungry. I also appreciate being shown how much we need to eat. The triggers are also useful.” – SL, June 2010

“This listening to my body is very enlightening. It’s amazing how much less I eat. It’s dramatic actually. I hope it’s the real thing, and I can keep listening to myself. The book [Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat] is great…can’t put it down. This is the only way to go I think…” – JMC, May 2010, male, 30-40’s, busy Finance Exec

“This [8 week] course is for anyone who struggles with overeating. If, like me, you’re frustrated with yourself at not being able to stick to a diet then STOP giving yourself a hard time – it’s not you, it’s diet rules and regimes which are unrealistic and often out of tune with what your body needs.

Mindful Eating shows you a new, yet simple, approach to eating and living – learning to eat ‘instinctively’ again. There are no weird rules or dubious science, it’s just about re-connecting with your body and learning to recognize what you need. Your body knows when it needs fuel or when you’ve had enough and it’s about tuning in to these messages.

This DOESN’T mean that you can’t eat lots or that your food has to be boring – completely the opposite, in fact, as you learn to really appreciate the tastes of your food again and just have what makes you feel better!

It also covers exercise and living actively, showing you how to stop seeing exercise as punishment and figure out what you enjoy doing to make yourself feel good.

Julie is an inspirational leader with a gentle and friendly approach. She’s been through it all too and knows what she’s talking about.” -LL, May 2010, female, 30-40’s, lawyer

“This [8 week workshop] is a life-changing, life enhancing program. I felt totally accepted and understood.

The thing that has changed the most for me over these last 8 weeks is…my health! I’ve lost weight and my blood pressure has improved, and my doctor was thrilled…..as am I! I feel other things changing inside of me too, too gradual to name just yet, but all good.” -AC, May 2010, female, 40-50’s, singer and mom

“Very apropos to today’s lifestyles. A healthier relationship with food! Like the class participation. An encouraging, positive approach to loving food, not obsessing.” -RJP, May 2010

“Very friendly presenting style. Julie seems comfortable & knowledgeable. Thumbs up on the Mindful Eating approach…we need to get away from good/bad associations.” -PB, May 2010

“Mindful Eating is the most sane way of eating I’ve come across! So many ‘aha’ moments.” -AC, April 2010

“Julie keyed in on a lot of important issues that have always baffled me! I look forward to incorporating some of her ideas on readjusting my diet. I especially like Julie’s ‘mindful’ tips.” -JB, April 2010

“Julie gave a really good presentation about the mindful eating approach. Very sensible and definitely thumbs up.” – MF, April 2010

“Very useful information and a completely different approach to eating, which makes great sense when you think about it all!” – MR, April 2010

“I enjoyed this and look forward to trying a new approach to weight management.” – TH, April 2010

“This [8 week Am I Hungry?®] program helps break down goals into manageable little steps.” – AC, March 2010

“Julie understands her clients’ issues and can highlight them in a clear and accurate manner. There were a few ‘aha’ moments at the seminar for everyone.” – AP, Jan 2010, female, 30-40’s, teacher and mom

“…I like how [Julie] talked about what she does, and where she finds her weaknesses.” – AP, Nov 2009

“Julie communicates with great enthusiasm and positivity! The program seems sensible and without dubious supplements or complex ‘rules’.” – LL, Nov 2009


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